E-Collar Training

Would you like to take your training to the next level? Are you having aggression issues with your canine? Do you want off leash reliability ? How about better recall? E-collar training is a wonderful way to achieve success in all these issues and more.

The E-Collar training programs include teaching you and your dog to work together and communicate directly. E-Collars are very effective, humane, and safe training tools when used properly and are excellent resources for off-leash reliability and working with your dog around high-levels of distraction.

Our modern-day E-Collar training approach involves using low-levels, or what we call the dog’s “working level”, to communicate with your dog more effectively. These low-levels act as a “tap on the shoulder” to get your dog’s attention when distractions abound and he is tuning you out.

If you are unsure of which package is more appropriate for your dog give us a call and we can help.

Two Week


This is an excellent program to build better communication and a solid relationship with your dog. Your dog lives with us for two weeks and learns new rules and boundaries. As with all of our training, the goal is to reach a calm and neutral state of mind. Once we have accomplished this, we can work on all of the other problem behaviors your dog may be exhibiting. Besides crate training, basic obedience, loose-leash walking and good manners, we will tackle behavioral issues like aggression, reactivity, anxiety and excessive barking. One of the biggest goals is reaching off-leash reliability with your dog. Creating more freedom for you and your dog!

During the 2-week training, we will e-mail updates, text pics and/or video so you know what your dog is learning and the progress he is making. We will also do 2 follow up sessions with you, to ensure that you understand how to responsibly and effectively use the E-collar. Any tools, including the E-collar and written materials, are included. $2295

**Please note I only use the E-collar I will be supplying to you. This is a professional grade, high quality collar.